F1 Monaco GP 2023: Saat kaçta ve nasıl izlenir?

Monaco Grand Prix, which is one of the most iconic races on the calendar, is set to return in the 2023 Formula 1 season after a mandatory break given due to the cancellation of the Imola GP because of the flood disaster. Although this street circuit may not provide an exciting experience in terms of overtaking opportunities, it is regarded as one of the races where the Aston Martin pilot Fernando Alonso can emerge as the winner, thus attracting a lot of attention from Formula 1 fans.

From Friday to Sunday, a wave of excitement awaits Formula 1 enthusiasts from practice sessions to sprint qualifying, sprint races, and the main race. There are many different platforms available online to follow this exciting race.

In Turkey, S Sport holds the broadcasting rights for Formula 1. The qualifying sessions on Friday, sprint qualifying and race on Saturday, and the main race on Sunday will be broadcast on S Sport 2 channel. Below, we list the live stream options for the F1 Monaco GP.

1. S Sport Plus
S Sport’s content service called S Sport Plus, offered via web and mobile applications, allows you to follow the F1 Monaco GP 2023 practice sessions, qualifying sessions, and the race. S Sport Plus broadcasts the Friday first and second qualifying sessions live this year, which is unlike other years. This application, which works on a video logic, also allows you to watch missed sessions later. Download the free iOS or Android application of S Sport Plus, select one of the S Sport Plus subscription options, and watch the race. It is also available on Smart TV platforms and can be viewed via the website.

2. TV+
Subscribers who have one of the TV packages offered by Turkcell’s TV+ platform, including Everyone for TV+, Full TV+ Package, Home TV+ Family Package, and Home TV+ Extra Package, can access the S Sport channel. Download TV+’s free iOS or Android app to your mobile device, and then log in to the app with your phone number and password to watch the F1 Monaco GP live. S Sport 2 broadcasts on channel 78 on the TV+ platform.

3. Tivibu Go
Turk Telekom’s TV platform, Tivibu, offers Tivibu Go, a service that allows subscribers to watch via mobile devices. Tivibu Go Super Package membership is required to access the S Sport channel. The Tivibu Go Super Package is offered at a monthly fee of 24.90 TL. If you also want to watch it on Smart TV, the package fee is 34.90 TL. Of course, you need to download the Tivibu Go iOS or Android app.

S Sport 2 broadcasts on channel 74 on the Tivibu platform.

4. F1 TV Pro
The Formula 1 management broadcasts the F1 races live on the internet. The service called F1 TV Pro started to provide services via the website and iOS and Android applications. For 64.99 euros per year, you can watch all the practice sessions, qualifying sessions, and races of the F1 races live online. There is a 7-day free trial facility as well. Although F1 TV Pro does not have a Turkish narration, you can listen to the race directly by turning off the commentary. Also, you can watch the race by connecting to the car camera of the desired driver. In addition, team radio conversations are also provided as part of this service. Live race times are also included in the access package.

You can find the list of all channels broadcasting the F1 Monaco GP 2023 race worldwide here.

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